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Since OBAAT have been operating in Uganda we have delivered many projects to schools and the community, approximately 3 projects a year. This interventions consist in renovation of classrooms/health centres and construction of classrooms buildings, which involved many works and services such as plastering, metal windows/doors, black boards, concrete floor, ceiling, placenta pit, latrines for boys and girls, hand washing facilities, painting and water harvesting.

OBAAT don’t just deliver and leave behind a project, we also provide maintenance along 5 years. Between running projects, when we are free, we visit all past projects at least once a year and repair what is broken and large repairs are according to funds availability. Many schools don’t have conditions for maintenance service. Therefore, it is very common a broken tap in the tank preventing collection of rain water. OBAAT replaces the tap and the water harvesting system is working again! Other examples of maintenance services are patch repairs on the concrete floor, replacement of broken glass at windows and cleaning/repairs of gutters. Example of maintenance report.

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