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Kyakagunga fim pictureOne Brick at a Time has a field team of volunteers and local employees that work to deliver renovation and construction to schools and health centres in Fort Portal and surrounding districts. Funds raised by OBAAT UK is used to maintain our team in Fort Portal and to deliver many communities projects along the year.
We separate in two types, Community Projects and Training Projects, which basically adds the industrial tutoring programme for young apprentices twice a year. This is a programme in partnership with Ugandan local technical schools where OBAAT provides training to building construction 2nd year students. This is a great opportunity for the young apprentices to
work together with professional builders coming from UK and have practical experience on the building site. OBAAT Uganda has searched and selected many schools which are in most need.
We are looking for sponsors that could help us to deliver more projects to the communities in Uganda. You are welcome to check list below for future projects, just follow the link for the full description proposals. Others organizations and individuals has sponsored projects with OBAAT in the past, for more details and reference please contact us.


 Project type School/Health Centre proposal  Budget (£)
Proposed work
Training Nyansozi Primary School    17,800 Renovation of an existing 2 classroom block and construction of a 5- stance pit Latrine.
Training Rubona Primary School    19,800 Renovation of an existing classroom block.
Commu. Kahunge Primary School   18,100 Construction of a new classroom block.
Commu. Ntambi Primary School  18,100 Construction of a new classroom block.
Commu. Mabira Primary School  10,300 Completion of a 2 classroom block building with an office.
Commu. Galihuuma Primary School              9,400 Renovation of the existing building
Commu. Mituuli Primary School              8,700 Completion of a 2 classroom block/main hall.
Commu. Bunyonyi Primary School  11,800 Refurbishment of an existing 2 classroom block with a staff office.
Commu. Katoosa Primary School   12,600 To renovate the existing building comprising of 2 classrooms, office and a store and to demolish the condemned building.
Commu. Bishop Balya Polytechnic Institute    19,500 Construction/completion of a classroom block that is on DPC level.
Commu. Simbya Primary School    13,300 Renovation of an existing building that has a roof and columns with no walls, but being used as a classroom.
Training Bishop Kyaligonza Memorial Secondary School     10,700 Completion of an existing 2 classroom block.
Commu. Bugombwa Primary School              7,900 Refurbishment of an existing 4 classroom block.
Commu. Iruhuura Secondary & Vocational School 11,100 Renovation of a 3 classroom block building.
Commu. Mujunju Primary School             2,300 Repairing of patches on the floor, walls, painting of wall and water harvesting system installation.
Commu. Iruhuura Health Centre III 11,400 The  health facility needs several repairs since most of the buildings are in a poor condition.
Commu. Wekomiire Primary School  14,100 Renovation of an existing classroom block that lacks; ring beam, floor, apron, among others.
Commu. Kinyabuhara Primary School           18,000 Renovation of an existing classroom block that has existed for the last 50 years.
Commu. Humura Primary School           16,600 Completion of an existing block which is in use though not completed and in a very poor condition.
Commu. Makondo Primary School             2,800 General repairs on floors for the classrooms and installation of a water harvesting system.
Commu. Kabambiro Primary School             7,800 Refurbishment of an existing classroom block by repairing floor, plastering walls, steel doors and windows, etc.
Commu. Kazingo Primary School             7,900 Completion of an existing building and making it a proper classroom/ main hall.
Commu. Stella Maris HealthCentre III           18,400 Construction of a maternity ward and a five stance pit latrine.
Training Butiiti Girls Primary School           11,400 Repair of an existing classroom block.
Commu. Kichwamba Health Centre III             4,700 General repairs of the Health Centre buildings.
Commu. St Peter and Paul Primary School             4,600 Replacing the wooden beds with the metallic beds as a requirement from the Fire Brigade.
Commu. Tooro Botanical Gardens           17,800 Construction of a classroom block for visiting students to the Botanical Gardens.
Commu. Kyakatara Primary School             4,300 Installation of a water harvesting system.
 Training St John Mary Vianney Secondary School  18,400 Refurbishment of an existing classroom block.


For more details, please click links in the names of the schools/ Health Centre for their detailed needs and for further information contact us.