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Kitarasa Primary School

Like many other schools in Fort Portal, Kitarasa was affected by the earthquake of 1994 resulting in the total collapse of one of the former classroom blocks. The effects of this catastrophe coupled with limited support from government and other development partners became a challenge for the school that needed ample teaching space for the children whose number never reduced. In a bid to rejuvenate the potential for this school OBAAT refurbished 2 buildings in February 2010 and cleared dangerous materials from the collapsed building. The work done then improved the learning environment for the children without increasing the learning space.

The dilapidated building which was no longer functional as far as educational purposes are concerned was being used as a firewood store and other materials not so significant to the school as its state was not favorable for learning anymore. Therefore, this project that OBAAT delivered increased the classroom space for the school.





Kitarasa Final Project report