Building the foundations for change

We build and give local trainees the opportunity to learn from a team of skilled builders

Everybody deserves access to a better quality life

By empowering local schools with new skills and by refurbishing classrooms and health facilities, we make this possible

Sharing skills and changing lives

By donating your time, you can help improve the lives of thousands of children

We believe that by building and refurbishing, we are building a brighter future. From schools to medical facilities, One Brick at a Time is dedicated to alleviating poverty in marginalised areas of Western Uganda. We provide project management, well-trained Ugandan builders and all the equipment which results in strong, sustainable and important facilities helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Latest Project

Why Water?

Delivering improved water and sanitation facilities to schools and health centres has been a One Brick priority from the start.

Why Schools?

One Brick has been renovating and rebuilding schools in Western Uganda for 10 years.

Why Industrial Training?

Uganda's vocational training institutes are meant to deliver practical skills yet funding is highly limited.

In Search of Water

Water in the UK is something that is just there, like oxygen. We have it all of the time without giving it a moment's thought. Here in Uganda's Western Region, things are not so simple.

Volunteer With Us

Prison Rehabilitation Initiative

We are working to improve the vocational training on offer to prisoners and help equip them with the skills to reintegrate and avoid reoffending.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver improved education and health facilities and to provide training to Ugandan technical apprentices. So far...

10 years of One Brick

Let us look back on the history of the organisation as well as everyday moments of the last 10 years.
Years Experience in Uganda
Trained Local People
Building Projects Completed
Opportunities Created
for education, jobs and access to health care

Pavol Plesnik

Volunteering with OBAAT was one of the best experiences I've had anywhere. It was a good combination of work, travelling  and meeting people.  I loved the work, it was very rewarding, and the team was great. Working alongside local people really gave me time to get to know them, to hear their stories, to understand how they live and how different and more difficult life is than it is in Europe. It has widened my perspective a lot and I have learned things that I will never forget.

Dante Makin

I've had a lot of volunteering experiences around the world but working in Fort Portal with the OBAAT team was undoubtedly the best one yet. We were building a playground at a local orphanage which was very heartwarming. I got to meet lots of friendly local people who I am still in touch with today via social media.

Dewey Lord

Volunteering with OBAAT was an amazing experience and I loved Uganda, to the point that I didn't want to come home, and I have already been back to visit once! Getting an insight on the construction industry in another culture has given me a fresh perspective and enhanced my work and studies as a site manager in the Uk. The whole experience will stay with me forever and I have made some fantastic friends worldwide. I can't recommend highly enough!

Jody Crutchley

Volunteering at St Peter’s and Paul’s Primary School was one of the best experiences of my life. Both the teachers and the pupils were inspiring and there was lots of opportunities to be involved in different aspects of school life, from the garden project to the annual teachers vs. pupils football match! I have amazing memories from my time in Uganda that I will treasure forever.

Daniel Leung

Learning about education in a new setting was really positive for my personal growth and skill development. I enjoyed working with the teachers and students at St Peter and Paul's Primary and the different opportunities to be involved in and outside of class. Being in Fort Portal was an amazing opportunity to experience the culture and sights of Uganda

Donna Tetley

Volunteering for One Brick was a great experience with memories that will last forever. I worked alongside some fantastic people and hope they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs. It was fantastic to be part of such a practical project that definitely helped the local people directly. I would recommend the experience to anyone who is up for a challenge and is open to new ideas and experiencing a different culture with local people!

It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of a mine, or that a child of farmworkers can become the president of a great nation.

Nelson Mandela
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