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About Us

One Brick at a Time is an NGO that deals in refurbishment of schools and health facilities in the Rwenzori Region. It came into existance after a visit made to Uganda by John Denny (then CEO of Chester & District Housing Trust) and Martin Carey (CEO of Urban Hope – the regeneration arm of Liverpool Hope University) in 2008.

A number of development initiatives that were self-sustaining and addressed tangible anti-poverty issues were discussed by Martin and John; these contained the following key elements: –

  • A focus on key drivers for economic growth and wealth creation – they chose education and health initiatives.
  • The provision of tangible and long lasting improved resources – they chose construction initiative that would physically improve schools and health facilities.
  • Meaningful partnerships in both Uganda and the UK – from its origins OBAAT has engaged with key education and training stakeholders in the Fort Portal sub-region and in the UK with housing organizations which have a construction arm.
  • Making sure that all participants benefited – Ugandan schools were significantly physically improved with either new or refurbished classrooms all of which have environmental sustainability features such as water harvesting, concreted floors and window shutters; Ugandan trainees gained valuable on-site skills and UK volunteers gained a life changing experience.
  • A high level of local engagement – now operates a Local Advisory Board and is a registered Ugandan NGO.

In its first four years of operation OBAAT Programme Coodinator organised a number of construction initiatives involving the refurbishment of school classrooms and the building of a health centres. He developed a training and volunteer programme that brought together Ugandan trainees and UK construction workers with the added benefit of creating a skill exchange while also building essential education and health facilities.

It was within these first four years of operation that OBAAT formed a solid robust UK partnership involving Urban Hope, VMM, Halton Housing, Wulvern Housing and later on Calico Housing. OBAAT was registered as a UK Charity with its own set of Trustees and received funding from VMM, Headley Trust, the Rotary Aberdeen and various sponsorship and funding raising activities undertaken by the construction sector and the UK volunteers themselves.

OBAAT now has the capacity to undertake much larger capital initiatives, such as construction of new classroom blocks OBAAT is increasingly being approached by other Ugandan based NGOs to undertake building initiatives. Its reputation locally in Fort Portal is one based on honesty, value for money and quality delivery; it is an organization that will work hard to support tangible projects that combat poverty.

OBAAT will continue to strive to build quality buildings that support the health and education of some of the poorest communities in Africa. You can also like our Facebook page for more information about our programmes and projects.

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