TRAINING PROJECT: Kitarasa Primary School
Kitarasa Primary School is a government school established by Fort Portal Catholic Diocese to support underdeveloped education in the region. Like many other schools, Kitarasa was damaged by the major earthquake in 1994 resulting in the collapse of several classroom blocks. The effects of this catastrophe coupled with only limited support from the Government meant that rebuilding was a major challenge for the school.
One Brick has completed two projects at Kitarasa PS:
  1. In 2010 repaired 4 classrooms, 2 offices and demolished unsafe walls
  2. In 2014 built another block of classrooms from a canopy used as a bicycle share
The Work
The project was sponsored by Rotary District 1010, R.C. of Aberdeen Deeside, supported by Rotary Clubs of Dyce & Oldmeldrum and done in co-operation with our UK partner The Calico Group who provided 7 participants (quantity surveyor, site foreman, plumbing and heating master, teacher, plumbers). St Joseph’s Technical Institute and Hakitengya Technical Institute have provided 29 apprentices and several trainers.
All trainees on the programme were shadowed while planning and delivering various elements of the building in bricklaying, concreting, plastering and other skills. After completion, the apprentices received a skills certificate and a half-term scholarship to help them with their on-going studies.
Delivery of Work in 2010
  • Removing bird and hornet nests
  • Sanding and treating rafters
  • Filling holes and cracks in the walls
  • Cleaning and painting of walls
  • Filling holes and painting floors
  • Sanding and painting benches
  • Refurbishing blackboards
  • Fixing and painting roof
  • Filling holes and cracks in the walls
  • Repairing apron
  • Painting and sanding window frames
  • Sanding and painting doors - fitting of new handles and locks
  • Sanding and painting of facia board
Delivery of Work in 2014
  • Patching and plastering inside and outside
  • Preserving the rafters and fitting ceilings in all rooms
  • Fitting steel doors and window shutters with glass
  • Constructing the apron around the whole building
  • Concreting and screeding inside the classrooms
  • Painting inside and outside the building
  • Replacing damaged sheets on the roof
  • Fitting facia boards around the block
  • Installing a water harvesting system
  • Levelling the ground around building to design water drainage paths
The team spirit was excellent on site and everyone enjoyed being at the base of the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains. The headteacher Mary was very proud of her new school and appreciated all the effort. We held a handover celebration that included tree planting by each of the UK participants.
Skills earned by apprentces:
  • Bricklaying: setting out, correct bonding techniques, building walls and corners, finishing and pointing
  • Concreting: shuttering, leveling, mixing ratios for different purposes, finishing
  • Plastering: mixing ratios for different purposes
  • Applications: applying scratch coats, steel float finishing, making straight corners
  • Multi-skills: timber work and roofing, painting, ground leveling, stone walling, installing gutters and water harvesting system
  • Other skills: team work and leadership, commitment and self-confidence
The apprentices also completed a Health & Safety training covering:
  • Responsibilities on site
  • Accident Prevention and First Aid
  • Health & Welfare
  • Manual handling
  • Use of ladders and scaffolding
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Electrical safety and hand tools
  • Fire safety
Work Structure
The project was overseen by the Programme Manager Marcelo Navarro and completed by One Brick builders, UK participants and apprentices. The whole team did a great job in modernising the building and successfully transforming the dilapidated building into a modern and bright structure that will serve generations to come. Installed water harvesting systems will serve as an important long-term resource stocking 5,000 litres of water at a time for the school.
Work done in 2014 transformed a canopy which was previously used as a bicycle shed into a classroom. As with all our projects the build will be maintained for the next five years.
Completed March 2014
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