Kyakagunga Primary School
Kyakagunga Primary School is on land donated by the Catholic Church, but the school is open to everyone, regardless of religion. It is in a very rural area (even by rural Ugandan standards). It was established in 1994, although until 2009 there were no permanent buildings. In a bid to enable the school to apply for government funding, OBAAT with the funding from the friends of Ngogo Chimpanzee Project constructed two classrooms and an office. Since Kyakagunga is a community school, parents have to pay school fees, which is difficult as most parents are subsistence farmers. Government funding will make the school self sufficient as education will be free for students and trained teachers paid by the government will be deployed to the school. It being the only community school around, it educates most of the children in this area.

The Work

We began by preparing the site by excavating for the foundations, concreting the floor, bricklaying for walls, excavation for apron, construction of roof structure, fixing metal windows and doors, bricklaying for water tank base, fixing iron sheets for roof, fixing gutters for water harvesting installation, plastering of external and internal walls, painting among others done on the construction of the classroom block and office.
At the School a 5 stance pit easy to empty latrine with 1 shower room was also constructed in order to accommodate the expected increase of the student numbers after the completion of the classroom block. The latrine was also fitted with a hand washing system. Finally, a temporary kitchen was constructed for the school.
Delivery of Work
Construction of 2 classroom building with store and of office Including:
  • 3 metal doors and 1 wooden door
  • 17 metal windows and glazing
  • Roofing - iron sheet and wooden structure
  • Ceiling
  • Concrete floor with smooth finishing at internal and veranda areas
  • Plastering finishing and painting of walls
  • 2 black boards
  • Wooden shelves for the store room
  • Water harvesting system with 2 tanks of 3000 litres each
Construction of latrine with an easy to empty pit Including:
  • 5 stances and 1 shower room
  • 6 wooden doors
  • Roofing - iron sheet and wooden structure
  • Concrete floor with smooth finishing at internal and veranda areas
  • Plastering finishing and painting of walls
  • Water harvesting system with tank of 500 litres for hand washing
  • Deliver of 30 student desk benches, 2 office desks and 2 of office chairs
  • Kitchen shed constructed with iron sheets and wooden poles
  • Painting of blackboards and concrete patches on the floor of one existing classroom
The project was very much appreciated by the students themselves, the teachers and entire Board and Management, and the community. All those who participated in the One Brick programme are a testimony to the standard of the finished and the well constructed classroom building and pit latrine. As one Rev. Fr. Mumanzi who officiated the handover ceremony was quoted saying that, “the building is one of a kind in the whole of Kamwenge District.”

Work Structure

The block is also fitted with a water harvesting system that is hoped to serve as an important new source of water to the school unlike before when the students used to trek long distances to fetch water from the well. The two tanks have a carrying capacity of 3,000 litres of water. The 2 classrooms were also equipped with 15 desks each. Another major work that was done at the school was construction of a pit latrine. Finally at the handover day, a tree planting ceremony was carried out by representative partners that were involved in this project.
Completed October 2015
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