St Peter and Paul's Primary School Shower Block
One Brick at a Time did substantial work at St Peter and Paul's Primary School in 2010 leading to the renovation of 21 classrooms, one administration block and a dormitory for the resident students. This refurbishment improved the learning environment for over 700 pupils and the teachers which later translated into increased enrolment of children at the school.
The increased enrolment affected the ratio of pupils per classroom, the capacity of the newly refurbished dormitories as well as access to other key resources. Access to sanitary facilities for the young boys and girls has been a long time problem the school has struggled in vain to solve.
Since boys have traditionally have higher quality facilities, One Brick built this facility specifically for the girls boarding section.
Thanks to the community projects initiative through which a construction team is selected from graduates of local vocational training institutions to deliver small scale projects to the communities in and around Fort Portal so they can gain more experience in good construction practices moreover ensuring there is continued contact with our own products as well. This also inspires them to support the development of their own communities.
The Work
Delivery of the work was done in two phases the first one having started in August 2012 for two weeks with the construction of the concrete slab upon which a shower block had been erected. Phase two lasted for three weeks started on the 22 of May 2013 with our local team of young graduates and graduates of our previous training programmes.
The Finished Structure
The shower block was designed to suit the needs of the young girls whose health had been exposed to dangerous asbestos sheets. The facility included a shower space and wash area and was completed with a 2000 litre water harvesting facility.
The design of the roof that includes transparent sheets allowing more light inside each room which creates more comfort and safety for the users. It is also worth noting that, environmentally sustainable construction guidelines and procedures were followed during the entire process of construction.
As with all our work, it will be warrantied for 5 years from completion.
Completed June 2013
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